13. Cripe’s Notes

Cripe’s notes were written sometime around October 1993, the time when Cripe completed Top Hat and Eagle.  Hal Hammer sat with Cripe with each guitar in hand (except Lightning Bolt which Garcia already possessed) and [...]

12. Listen to the Music Play

Listening for the sound: For Steve Kimock Cripe Experience on YouTube   Jim Overton recommends: Bronx Experiment:  1/19/2006  Grey Eagle, Asheville Elmer’s Revenge: 3/6/2003   Orange Peel, Asheville 3/21/2003  Chester’s, Fayetteville 7/10/2003    The Mint, Hailey , [...]

11. Remembrances

Rob Bienstock - In memory of Stephen Ray Cripe. R.I.P. 1996 "St. Stephen will remain, all he lost he shall regain. " I first met Stephen Cripe at one of our gigs in Miami about 5 [...]

10. Help On the Way

The Other One's - Cripe Inspired Luthiers   ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec pretium, tortor vitae porttitor suscipit, sapien purus aliquet risus, eu finibus arcu ante nec risus. Mauris porta a massa [...]

9. It’s Up To You – Kimock’s Guitars

Tongue N' Groove As it would happen, the Garcia connection to Cripe guitars would continue well past the loss of both musician and luthier in the hands of yet another Bay Area six-stringed master of [...]

8. Brokedown Palace – Picking Up the Pieces

"All the birds that were singing, have flown except you alone" - Robert Hunter Steve’s friend Adam Palow, a fellow craftsman (albeit of amplifiers), would visit Trilby a few weeks after the accident. Guitars had [...]

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