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7. Smokestack Lightning – The Accident


"Whoa oh, fare ya well, never see, a you no more."  - Howlin' Wolf Hal Hammer, a guitarist, wood-joiner and luthier with credentials sufficient to [...]

7. Smokestack Lightning – The Accident2021-05-22T15:27:09+00:00

6. He’s Gone – Garcia Passes


"He's gone and nothing's gonna bring him back." - Robert Hunter With Pete and Helen Cripe aging into their golden years, Cripe chose to relocate [...]

6. He’s Gone – Garcia Passes2021-05-25T18:13:18+00:00

2. St. Stephen – The Man


"St. Stephen with a rose, in and out of the garden he goes"   Robert Hunter On the unfortunate summer day he blew himself to [...]

2. St. Stephen – The Man2021-05-25T18:03:36+00:00

1. Comes A Time


"Gotta make it somehow, on the dreams you still believe" - Robert Hunter Stephen Cripe 1992 Florida No question—Jerry Garcia was Stephen Cripe’s [...]

1. Comes A Time2021-04-17T20:15:05+00:00
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