About This Site

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This site is dedicated to the craftsmanship of Steve Cripe.

Studying the guitars Cripe made and talking to those who knew him shows him to be a master luthier, a craftsman whose work demonstrates the finest qualities that musicians such as Jerry Garcia sought out in their instruments. This holds true for those built before and after Garcia’s death.

Over 25 guitars built (or partially built) by Cripe are identified here, several in great detail. Every attempt is being made to accurately document Cripe’s work. If you knew Steve Cripe or know the whereabouts of any of his guitars, please contact me.

Additions, clarifications, and observations are welcome.

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Cripe’s sister, Rhonda Williams, for her support of this project, along with Pat O’Donnell, Hal Hammer, Jr., Adam Palow, Nicholas Meriwether, Hunter Clarkson, James D. McCallister and Andy Logan.