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  Teak guitar photos by Dan Savage. Photos © Steve Armato, Guitar specs by Matt Artinger.
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“Brazilian rosewood core with rare birdseye teak top and back, laminated Brazilian rose wood and maple neck, laminated headstock, 22 fret East Indian rosewood fretboard, Gold Schaller hardware.  Wired like Les Paul but with additional phase reversal switch. Warm to medium bright sound.“Original description by Steve Cripe and transcribed by Hal Hammer, Jr.

Teak GuitarTeak’s headstock has a 16° angle, with both a mother of pearl “C” and an exploding firecracker.The brass nut is 1 5/8” wide. The brass plate just above the truss rod is embossed with: “No. 6.” It has Kaman/Ovation tuners.

With a 25 1/2'” scale, a remarkably beautiful bird’s eye teak top adorns this guitar. The 22-fret board has ivoroid binding measuring .060”. The neck depth at the 1st and 12th frets measure .804” and .828” respectively. It has an SG style bridge with a gold plated stop tailpiece. The guitar measures 39” in length.

teak detail

12th fret marker like the others is made of mother of pearl and the guitar is fitted with jumbo frets.

Gary Brawer

Gary Brawer, Brawer Guitar and Bass Repair.
Photo courtesy of Ed Giguere

"Gary was the nicest guy. I walked into the shop and told him what I wanted done and that Steve needed it for The Other Ones. Gary dropped everything he was doing (he was working on one of Metallica's guitars) and worked on it until it was done the next evening about 7 pm. I think he worked on it for 24 hours straight!”—Ed Giguere


teak detail

The kidney bean shaped front control panel is rosewood and serves as a tonal palette for selecting unique pickup combinations.

A five-way selector switch controls the pickup configuration.  From the top: 1-middle, 2- middle and neck, 3-neck, 4-neck and bridge, and 5-bridge.

The three knobs from the top control: 1-active volume, 2-passive volume, and 3-tone. The three switches from the top control: 1-active/passive mode, 2-tone bypass, and 3-effect loop on/off. The jack on top accommodates the effects loop send/receive. There is a passive output jack on the side of the guitar.

The seven ply laminated neck consists of Brazilian rosewood and maple.

unfinished teak

Adam Palow holds the unfinished Teak guitar shortly after Cripe died.
Photo courtesy of Adam Palow

Steve Kimock with Teak Guitar

Kimock with Cripe Teak, Day 1 at Studio E.
Photo courtesy of Ed Giguere

“I delivered it to him at Studio E, and he put it on a stand and stared at it for about ½ hour in shock and awe, then plugged it into the Twin and started really freaking out.”—Ed Giguere

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