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steve kimock
Photos by Dan Savage

Kimock on cripe
Commenting on the tonal characteristics of his two Cripe guitars:

"The Teak guitar is basically a paint brush and the Ebony is more of a knife.

The Teak guitar pretty much does anything I need it to do without ever being one dimensional in terms of attack or anything like that.  There is more action in the development of the note in that guitar.  It is a very natural sounding guitar.

The Ebony guitar is a lot more on point with its’ attack.  Right at the very front of the note there is a real concentration of energy that stays with the rest of the note.”
— Steve Kimock Read More

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Teak cripe guitar

teak cripe guitar
What was your first impression when you plugged in the teak guitar?

It was like, is this for real? I’ve never played a guitar like this! I was shocked at how well the thing played and sounded. I felt like I had been rescued off a piece of driftwood out in the middle of a shark-infested ocean it sounded so good. I took it back to Studio E, where I was living at the time, and plugged it into the only piece of gear that would go on with one switch on stage, which was a Twin. I plugged it into the Twin, and was like, OH MY GOD! That was an amazing moment. I didn’t put that guitar down for a long time.”
—Steve Kimock Read More

ebony cripe guitar

ebony cripe guitar
The heel, the body joint, on both of these guitars is spectacular. The Ebony one is out of this world! It is just a super playable guitar; it presents itself on a strap while standing up like nothing else I’ve got. It just begs you to play it. I don’t know if Cripe was much of a player himself, but just as a players’ instrument, ergonomically he NAILED that guitar.”
—Steve Kimock
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kimock video
Kimock talks about his Teak Cripe guitar— from The DVD: Steve Kimock Band—Live at the Gothic Theatre; Behind The Scenes, Englewood, CO, New Years Eve 2003. 

Courtesy of Andy Monfried, Executive Producer for Fibergroove Productions

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