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"Purpleheart core with East Indian Rosewood top and back, laminated East Indian Rosewood, maple and purpleheart neck, laminated headstock, 24 fret Brazilian rosewood fretboard, warthog tusk ivory eagles head inlay, semi-hollow body. No electronics. This guitar was most likely to be Jerry’s next guitar. This guitar was built at the same time as Jerry’s “Top Hat."—Original description by Steve Cripe and transcribed by Hal Hammer, Jr.
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"Steve Cripe was building a guitar for Jerry in the summer of 1995. After Jerry passed, Steve decided to finish the guitar as a tribute to Garcia. The guitar he built has 64 pieces of mother of pearl inlay, 9-ply neck, 8-ply body with a 1/2" cocobolo top, piezo bridge pickups, three humbuckers, FX loop and the cover plate features the planet Saturn with sterling silver rings."—Adam Palow
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