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Jerry Garcia bolt

Lighting Bolt
Garcia received Lightning Bolt from Cripe as a gift.  It was his primary instrument for the last two years of his life. “Bolt was the seventh guitar Cripe ever finished—lucky seven”—Jeffrey Brainard, St. Petersburg Times. Read more
Photo by Allen Sklar

cripe eagle tribute

Jerry Garcia intended cripes
Cripe was fond of ornate inlays as exemplified by the “Eagle” and “Tribute”, two guitars that were built with Garcia in mind. Read more

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Cripe top hat

Top Hat
Satisfied with Lightning Bolt, Garcia commissioned a back up guitar from Cripe—Top Hat.  While he never played it on stage, Garcia reportedly was pleased with it and played it at home.
“Top Hat is fashioned of wart hog tusk and serves as a cover plate for the Roland GK-2 synth power supply.”—Steve Cripe Read more

rock n roll hall of fame jerry garcia

Hall of Fame
Four of Garcia’s guitars are exhibited here at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum including Cripe’s Lightning Bolt and Top Hat. "Roughly a half million people walk by this exhibit each year.”—Howard Kramer, Curatorial Director Read more
Photograph Courtesy of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Cleveland, OH

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